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Dr.Hair Herbal Oil First pH Balanced Hair Oil  (340 ml)
Dr.Hair Herbal Oil First pH Balanced Hair Oil  (340 ml)
Dr.Hair Herbal Oil First pH Balanced Hair Oil  (340 ml)
Dr.Hair Herbal Oil First pH Balanced Hair Oil  (340 ml)
Dr.Hair Herbal Oil First pH Balanced Hair Oil  (340 ml)
Dr.Hair Herbal Oil First pH Balanced Hair Oil  (340 ml)
Dr.Hair Herbal Oil First pH Balanced Hair Oil  (340 ml)

Dr.Hair Herbal Oil First pH Balanced Hair Oil (340 ml)

Dr Hair Herbal
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Dr. Hair has been scientifically formulated is a 100% Authentic Herbal proprietary medicine specifically produced for the regulation of hair and scalp conditions like hair fall, dandruff. Itching, fungal infections etc. The excellent action of Dr. Hair Herbal oil is due to the blend of its 34 Herbal ingredients and the special manufacturing procedure designed to encourage natural hair growth and known for their gentle moisturizing properties



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Customer Satisfaction

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Our Product Dr. Hair Herbal oil  Is:

  • 100% Herbal Hair Product
  •  Only pH Balanced Hair Care Product In India
  •  No Side Effects
  •  Stimulate Hair Re-growth
  •  Repair, Hydrate & Strengthen Hair Shaft
  •  Keep Hair Healthy And Thick Looking
  •  Nourishes Hair From Roots To Tips
  •  Improves Scalp Health
  •  Revitalise Dull And Dry Hair
  •  Reduces Excessive Shedding & Premature Hair Breakage
  • Improve Shine And Volume

Why You Must Buy Dr. Hair Herbal oil?

 Improves Hair’s  Health – The all natural ingredients nourishes the hair & scalp, and will bring the volume and the shine back. The bald spots will be gone and hair will regrow!

 Safe and Natural – One of the most important part about treating your hair is that you avoid chemicals and harsh products on your scalp. Now Dr. Hair is made with all natural ingredients which fight hair fall in a natural manner.

 Repairs, Recovers and Regrows – Dr. Hair starts repairing the damaged hair, balances the ph level and helps in regrowth of new hair.

 Value for Money Deals – Dr. Hair is brought to you in different packages. You can opt for the best deal, or also at a discounted rate.


A) Sheebha Dr Hair Herbal Oil Review

B) Honest Review Jonathan for Dr Hair Herbal Oil 

C) True Experience of Pankaj Das 


The product is just awesome… This is a solution for almost all the hair problems… Reduces or stops hair fall and in around 20 days and visible hair growth is there in around 40-50 days…This is my second buy of this product… Too Good… will surely recommend this product to friends as well as family…

case 2

The product is just WoW !!! This herbal hair oil is the only one which showed some effects as well…this shows considerable change in hair growth… And visible growth is shown in around 40-45 days… Just loved the hair oil and will surely recommend this product to my friends as well as for my relatives as well…


The herbal hair care oil is just Too Good wonderful there is considerable growth in hair in around 40 -50 days… and no side effects also.. This is the first product which worked correctly with my hair…


Dr.hair herbal hair oil is just one of a kind of product… I have used many other hair oils and have eaten medicines even… It never showed great results.. This is the first product to show a considerable change in the growth of hair and reducing hair fall.. Just loved the product and surely will recommend for my friends as well.

How to use?

  1. Danoo - Apply in the morning. Make sure the oil is applied on the roots of Hair & Scalp. Regular use of Danoo will reduce Hair Fall & Dandruff. It also makes hair follicle strong.
  2.  Groo - Apply the next day morning. Oil should be applied on the roots and hair as well. Regular use of Groo oil will increase volume of hair and regrowth of new hair can be seen visually.
  3. Skyla – It should be use only once or twice a week. Take 5 – 6 drops of shampoo mix it 10 drops of water then apply thoroughly in hair. Rinse off with plain cold/luke warm water then pat dry with soft cloth.

    1) Don't Massage your hair(For healthy scalp there is no effect but for others it leads to more hair loss)

    2) Don't use too hot water only use luke warm water

    3)Always use oil at least 10 minutes before washing your hair.

    4) After bath, pat dry your hair by using towel but make sure that your hair should not be completely dry.

    5) Don't use hair dryer

    6) Avoid using checmical based product while using our Combo pack.


    1. What are the main ingredients used in Dr. Hair products?

    Ans:  In Danoo, our main ingredient using coconut oil as the base ranges from the use of an extract of Shoe flower, Bermuda grass, Phyllanthus herb, Bael, Basil leaves, Neem extract, Rose and Jasmine along with a secret ingredient.

    Groo Oil has a Sesame oil base with a wide range of herbal products like Eclipta prostrate, Emblic MyrobalanCostus Root, Liwuarice ,VetiverNutgrass Tubers, Ceinamom Leaves, Nardus Root, Withania Root, Tinsopara Root, to Sida Root,Indian sarsaparillaHimalayancederwood, Indian valerian, Milk and two secret ingredients.

    The shampoo Skyla with a Sles base, uses herbs such as Emblica Linn, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Terminali Chebula, Terminalia Belerica, Ocimum Tenuiflorum, Hisbiscusrosa including the secret ingredient used in Danoo hair oil.


    2. What are the benefits of using Dr. Hair products?

    Ans:  Danoo hair oil prevents hair loss and fights off dandruff that causes Itching and Fungal infection on the scalp.

    Groo helps in the regrowth of new hair. Skyla Shampoo, enriched with protein; gives a natural grow to your hair.


    3. What is the certification we have for these products?

    Ans: We have drug and cosmetic certification for our products with which we can legally sell these products globally.


    4. How much time will the product take to show visible results and let us know if there is any specific age limit?


    • A five year old child to a sixty five year old adult irrespective of gender can use the combo package.
    • Best results can be visible for 5 to 35 year olds with 99% results, within 20 days of usage.
    •  Hair fall will stop and from the 21st day you can feel the difference. 
    •  And after the 45th day you can feel the hair growth and thickness.
    •  Between 36 to 45 year olds, 75% of results are visible.
    •  Above 46 to 65 year olds, 50 to 70 % of result is seen.


    5.  How is this product unique from other products in the market other than being the first ever product in the market with ph balance?

     AnsOur formulation is the key to the great success of our product.

    • We use only pure raw material for production we don’t use packaged or any store bought product ex: other manufacturers would probably use powdered milk in their hair oil.

    • But Dr. Hair uses only pure milk which is procured from the cattle rearer. 

    • Disadvantage to this kind of production is that we can’t do mass production our maximum production capacity is limited to 15000 units per month.


    6. For what age group is this product is most suitable? 

    Ans: This product can be used by 5 year child to 45 year old people and assuredly, they can get good results.


    7.  How many days do we have to use the oils and shampoo?

     Ans: we can use these products Lifelong to your satisfaction, to maintain healthy hair as there is no time limit.


    8. How many herbal ingredients are we using here? 

    Ans :   Dr Hair Danoo oil 10 herbs

               Dr.Hair Groo oil 22 herbs

               Dr Hair Skyla herbal shampoo 06 herbs


    9. I need a difference between groo and danoo? 

    Ans: Danoo stop hair loss 

            Groo promotes Regrowth of new hair 

    For best results, you would have to use Dr. hair combo pack which comes with all three Danno , Groo & Skyla herbal shampoo.

    • Why Should You Trust US?

    SEE RESULT OR MONEY BACK – We’re confident you’ll love Dr. Hair Herbal Products. However, if within 45 days you’re not fully satisfied, We will provide you a complete refund. No questions asked.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 182 reviews
    Dr hair herbal oil

    It is a good product dr. Hair herbal oil very good oil


    Dr.Hair Herbal Oil First pH Balanced Hair Oil (340 ml)


    Contect me my haire fall is very Denver contract 9631330067

    Good result

    Good result for hair growth, it is very effective oil. It works within two weeks


    Im a person who goes crazy for my hair.More than my skin i care a lot about my hair.. And when i lost hope Dr. Hair gave me extremely enormous results and made my wish come true again.. This product shows tremendous results.It has been very satisfying and reached THE results more than i had expected! After using this hair oil i got my hope that I'd get my Old hair back.. And from that day on my aspirations on this hair oil grew up. The combo pack has two oil: danoo and groo and a shampoo.. This danoo totally stopped my hairfall and groo helped IN the regrowth of my hair and the shampoo made my scalp clean and helped IN strengthening and this combo made my hair silkier than ever! And moreover it has no chemicals and it's purely herbal...Dr. hair has played a huge role IN my life and has helped me out.. And i believe it does for many too!